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सफलताका कथाहरू

“In our society women are expected to sit back at home and rear the children but I wanted a different life. With the support from Sita, I started my own clean energy business. Earlier people opposed my step for becoming a business women but today they respect my work. I have earned income as well as respect in my society. I feel I can do more and I am determined to work much harder to make my daughter and kids like her to become independent and socially responsible.”
Lalita Chaudhary, a Kalpavriksha entrepreneur in Padariya ,Siraha

”I had never thought I would have any career and earn money but after becoming a sales agent I am earning money which I use to buy credit on my mobile, I can talk with my husband when he travels abroad for work or with my friends who live across the forest. This small income has allowed me to create some space for myself in my mother-in- law’s home, where I feel I am a contributing member of the household and can speak up when there are family decisions that need to be made.”
Devi Chaudhary, Kalpavriksha Sales Agent in Urmigau, Kailali

”With my clean energy business I am recognized as CEO, people know me as Mina Mahato not as somebody’s wife or daughter in law.”
Mina Mahato, a Kalpavriksha entrepreneur in Kailali

“I had failed in class 10 and was worried that my parents may not allow me to continue my study. When I got a chance to work as sales agent I thought this was my opportunity to earn money for my education. With the money earned I took preparation classes on the subject I failed which helped me pass my exams. Today I am working as sales agent as well as continuing my education. I am doing Bachelors in Management. I feel more confident.”
Pashupati Rana, Kalpavriksha sales agent in Kailali

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