Kalpavriksha Greater Goods (Kalpavriksha) is a women led distribution network in Nepal with many years of experience especially in remote areas. Kalpavriksha is recognized as a distributor of high quality, affordable products to the last mile customers:

  • We train rural women to become entrepreneurs
  • We offer high quality life changing products to rural communities
  • We bring products to the doorstep, providing women customers with
    choice and access they would not otherwise have

Since 2011, KALPAVRIKSHA’s business has now grown into an extensive last mile distribution network of 300+ female sales agents and entrepreneurs selling products in rural districts across Nepal. To date, our network has sold 56,000 clean energy products bringing cleaner and safer energy to rural households. The KGG sales agents and entrepreneurs run community awareness events to promote the product benefits in terms of health, safety and economic savings