About us


Kalpavriksha was established in 2011 by Sita Adhikari to empower women in business. In 2011, a US based 501(c) organisation called Empower Generation partnered with Kalpavriksha to support Sita to sell solar light products. The business grew successfully to include 22 women entrepreneurs plus a network of 270 sales agents across 12 districts by 2017. Over 56,000 solar products were sold through the Kalpavriksha network during this period.
In late 2016/2017, the load-shedding problem of daily power cuts ended in Kathmandu Valley. The promise of electricity affected the sales of solar lights even in districts where load-shedding was still an issue. As a result, Kalpavriksha decided to diversify the product mix to include items that will improve the lives of women and girls such as domestic appliances, personal health and hygiene and agriculture products.
From 2018, Kalpavriksha is focusing on the core Kalpavriksha brand and expand the network of sales agents to sell a range of new products

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